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Town Planning By-Laws

Prior to starting any work, be sure that you have the required permits. If necessary, contactmgauthier@grenvillesurlarouge.ca

This section contains the planning By-Laws. Please note that many of them contain appendices (maps, plans, grids, etc.). These appendices are also available in this section.

The main By-Law concerns zoning. It establishes the authorized uses by sector. Contact the Direction de l’urbanisme before proceeding (acquisition, construction, business start-up, etc.). This By-Law also sets out the implementation and planning standards.

Important: Here, you will find the By-Laws passed by the municipality and any amendments for consultation. The documents in this section are provided for information only, and have no legal value. Only the certified copy of the original By-Law and any amendments thereto obtained from the Municipal Registrar has any legal value.