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Residual Materials

Ecocentre open to the residents of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge

The Municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge has renewed its agreement with the Grenville Recycling Center so that you may get rid of your household hazardous waste, building materials, tires, electronic equipment and dry materials (among others). The ecocentre is open on call during winter and Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM during summertime (starting April 2).

For more information, we invite you to visit our website at : http://gslr.ca/en/travaux-publics/recuperation/.

Bulky Items Collection

The next bulky items collection will be on May 23rd, 2018.

The materials accepted in the collection of bulky items are:

  • Furniture, mattresses, appliances
  • Building materials (wood, shingle, gypsum)
  • Floor covering (carpet, tarpaulin, ceramic etc.)
  • Sanitary appliances (shower, bath, toilet, sink)
  • Plastic
  • Metals, iron, copper
  • Electronic equipment
  • Paper / cardboard (must be dry)
  • Tires

Note that no household garbage or garbage bag will be picked up with the bulky items! Be sure to separate them!

Note also that the collection of bulky items does not change the schedule of garbage collection and recycling.


Green Bin, Blue Bin or Composting?

In the fight against climate change, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills can have a significant impact. Indeed, the waste sector produced 5.5% of total GHG emissions in Québec in 2012, ie 4.3 Mt eq. CO2, mainly as CH4 and N2O.[1]

The Municipality is therefore looking to give you the tools to reduce the amount of materials that end up in garbage, and encourage you to recycle and compost.

So here is a list of materials you can already stop putting in the green bin!

Recyclable materials (blue tank):

  • Paper (newspapers, printed matter, envelopes, paper, etc.)
  • Cardboard boxes (cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, milk cartons, juice boxes, etc.)
  • Plastic (any object identified by an arrow triangle with the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7, plugs, plastics bags that stretch)
  • Glass (bottles or food containers)
  • Metal (cans, non-stained aluminum foil, stoppers, canes, pie plates, aluminum cooking dishes, etc.)

Compostable materials (if you have a home composter):

  • Green or damp matter (leftover fruits and vegetables, eggshells, fresh grass clippings)
  • Brown or dry matter (dried and dried leaves, hay, coffee grounds (including filters) and tea bags, napkins, pasta, kernels, rice, bread, walnut husks)

For effective composting, it is recommended to always maintain a proportion of 1/3 green matter and 2/3 brown material in your compost pile.

For more information on recycling and home composting, we invite you to consult a brochure produced by CRE Laurentides, available on our website at the following address: http://gslr.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Recycler-et-composter.pdf

Collection Points for Batteries

In addition, the Municipality now has three collection points for the recycling of your batteries:

  • At the Calumet sector library: 435 rue Principale.
  • At the Pointe-au-Chêne sector library: 2710A, Route 148
  • At the Town Hall: 88 rue des Érables



[1] Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte aux changements climatiques. « Inventaire québécois des émissions de gaz à effets de serre en 2012 et leur évolution depuis 1990 ». Online.  http://www.mddelcc.gouv.qc.ca/changements/ges/2012/inventaire-1990-2012.pdf. Consulted August 30th, 2017.